Learn Excel Shortcuts
Like Never Before

Unboxing Excel's shortcuts with XL Shortcut
Dramatically boost your productivity
Thank me later ;-)

Shortcut Revolution

XLShortcut is an interactive US-layout QWERTY keyboard that shows all* Excel shortcuts on top of the keys under different combinations of the [Control], [Shift] and [Alt] keys. You can execute shortcuts right from XLShortcut, so you can be productive and learn at the same time.

* excluding shortcuts from the ribbon and dialog menus

Interactive keyboard cover

Then no particular day I stumbled upon the concept of keyboard covers – silicon covers for your keyboard that show application-specific shortcuts right on top of the key. As far as I can judge, these covers are typically used in the creative industry (video, graphics & audio editing software) as well as education. What a splendid way of learning your shortcuts!
Install instructions
1. Download the ZIP file from the link to the right
2. Extract the files to a local folder
3. Open the properties of the 'XL shortcut.xlam' file
4. Check the 'Unblock' checkbox in the bottom-right (!!!)
5. Click Apply
6. Open the 'XL shortcut.xlam' file which will auto-install